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Other Products

Air Filter Lubricator
Arbor Press
Armature Air Gap Gauges
Armature Wedge Beveler
Balancing Ways
Bearing and Gear Pullers
Bearing Scrapers
Bearing Separator
Bearing Heaters
Bearing Tool Sets
Beveler, Armature Wedge
Blowers / Vacuums
Brush Tension Scale
Coil Winders
Diamond Coated Undercutting Wheels
Dust Collector
Electric Etchers
Electric Markers
Flexible Shaft Machines
        General Slot Cleaning and Grinding Outfit
        Motor-Flex Units

Folder, Slot Insulation
Gauge, Wire
Gear and Bearing Pullers
Grinders, Hand, Air / Electric
Insulation Folder, Slot
Insulation & Wedge Shear
Lubricator, Air Filter
Markers, Electric
Motor-Flex Units
        General Slot Cleaning and Grinding Outfit

Pullers, Gear and Bearing
Scale, Brush Tension
Shear, Wedge & Insulation
Vacuums / Blowers
Ways, Balancing
Wedge Beveler, Armature
Wedge & Insulation Shear
Winders, Coil
Wire Gauge


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