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Miniature Grinding Tool
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Above: Flexible Handle.
Below Left: Support for Round
Brush Arm. Below Right: Support for Square Brush Arm.
Left: Miniature Grinding Tool; Dimensions: Length: 2-3/8" Height: 2-9/16"
With this little grinder you can now precision-grind small motor and generator commutators or slip-rings which were formally out of reach because of limited access space.  This grinder's small size permits entry into confined areas through either end-opening or slide-opening machines.  It mounts on a brush-arm with one of the two supports.  It uses two 3/4" × 3/4" × 3" Commstones and will grind commutators up to 3-3/4" long.  A flexible extension is available for use with handle.
Miniature Grinder: Catalog Number
Complete with Flexible Handle and Carrying Case JGRD100
Support for Round Brush Arm 5/8" to 3/4" diam. JGRD200
Support for 5/8" Square Brush Arm JGRD201
Flexible Extension (6") for Flexible Handle JGRD202
Replacement Flexible Handle JGRD203
Commstones for above:  
3/4" × 3/4" × 3" Plain Lathe Type (All Grades Available) COMMXLS804*
*When ordering, specify catalog number and grade (i.e. EC, C, M, F, P)
(See Commstone descriptions under (Abrasives / Commstones))