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Electrician's Hand Tools

Air Gap Gauge, Armature
Armature Air Gap Gauge
Brush Saver
Brushes, Slot Cleaning
Bur Kit, Carbide
Carbide Bur Kit
Chamfering Tools
Coil Tamping Pliers
Coil Tamping Tools
Coil Tampers
E-Z Chamfers
Electrician's Knife
Files, Slotting
Gauge, Air Gap, Armature
Grinder, Hand, Air/Electric
Hammers and Mallets
        Dead Blow
Nylon and Rawhide Faced
Hand Grinder, Air/Electric
Hand Mica Saw
Insulation Trimmers, Hand
Knife, Electrician's
Knurling Tool
Lacing Hook
Lamination Tooth Straightener
Mini-Bar Mica Hand Saw
Orange Sticks
Paper Insulation Trimmers
Saver, Brush
Saw, Mica Hand
Shaver II, Slot, Commutator
Shears, Winder's
Slot Cleaning Brushes
Slot Shaver II, Commutator
Slotting Files
Strippers, Wire
        Automated (Electric)
        Manual (Hand Operated)
Tampers, Coil
Tamping Tools, Coil
Trimmer, Insulation, Hand
Wedge Drivers
Wedge Remover
Winder's Horn
Winder's Shears
Wire Skinner and Straightener
Wire Strippers
        Automated (Electric)
        Manual (Hand Operated)


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