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Utility Undercutter

     The Utility Undercutter, as its name implies, is a low-cost machine designed for the repair shop that handles a wide variety of armatures - from the smallest up to 9" diameter.  Bearings, fans, etc., need not be removed
from the armature.
     Its frame and spindle are built sufficiently rigid to permit use of Tungsten-Carbide as well as High-Speed Steel saws.  Saws used (listed Below) all have 1/8" hole.  The smallest, No. 10-HS or 10-TC, (1/4" O.D.) cuts .025" deep.

     The sturdy 1/12 h.p. motor is "universal" (A.C. -D.C.) with full-load speed of 5,000r.p.m.  The motor mount is spring-loaded to lift the saw from the slot at the end of the cut.  Centers are adjustable and can be removed if desired.  Saw travel is controlled in both directions by adjustable straps.

Utility Undercutter: Catalog Number
115 V., 50/60 Hz. UTLUA
230V., 50/60 Hz. UTLUB
Net Weight 21 lbs., Shipping Weight 23 lbs.
High-Speed Steel O.D. I.D. Catalog Number
10-HS Saws 1/4" 1/8" HSMS10
9-HS Saws 9/32" 1/8" HSMS9
9-1/2-HS Saws 5/16" 1/8" HSMS9.5
32-HS Saws 3/8" 1/8" HSMS32
Tungsten-Carbide O.D. I.D. Catalog Number
10-TC Saws 1/4" 1/8" TUNS10
9-1/2-TC Saws 5/16" 1/8" TUNS9.5
32-TC Saws 3/8" 1/8" TUNS32
For further specifications see H.S.S. or
Tungsten-Carbide Mica Saws.

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