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Martindale Universal Undercutter

  →Undercuts any size commutator.  Excellent for small commutators.
  →Uses either V-Cutters for "V" slots or saws for "U" slots.
  →Direct drive: Flexible Shaft = 1/3 h.p. motor; 2850/3450 r.p.m.
  →Drive Shaft is extremely flexible and light, though sturdy (No.14 Core and Sheath; 1/4"diam. Î 3 ft. long)

The Universal Undercutter is similar to the Imperial Undercutter Under the sub-category Undercutters.  This unit uses only a 1/2" diameter saw and comes with two slot guides.

Universal Undercutter with motor as pictured at left Catalog Number
115 V., 50/60 Hz. UNVU100A
230 V.,50/60 Hz. UNVU100B
Universal Undercutter with flexible shaft and Ball Bearing Swivel Connection for use with your motor  
with1/2" motor connection UNVU10112
with 5/8" motor connection UNVU10158
with 10mm. motor connection UNVU10110MM
with 14mm. motor connection UNVU10114MM
No. 14 Core
(Replacement for flexible shaft)
No. 14 Sheath
(Replacement for flexible shaft)
No. D-363 Reducer MFLXD363
No. 2 Steel Carrying Case
for electric Imperial
Net Wt. with motor, 24 lbs.; without motor, 3-1/2lbs.
Equipped with Depth Gauge and 2 slot Guides.  The angled slot guide is for use on commutators up to 7" diameter.  The 1/2" diameter saws allow cutting to within 1/4" of riser. High Speed Steel Saws and V-Cutters
(See Metal-Working & Mica Saws / Mica Undercutting Saws & V-Cutters, for Saw and Cutter Specifications)
  O.D. I.D. Catalog Number
No.16-HS Saws 1/2" 3/16' HSMS16
No. 17-VHS Cutters 1/2" 3/16" HSMSV17

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