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Martindale Lathe-Type Undercutter

     TWO SPINDLES ARE FURNISHED: one for 7/8" × 5/16" saws and one for 1/2" × 3/16" saws. To change spindles remove both pulleys ─ slide out one spindle and slide in the other.

Slide Carriages
(3 sizes available)

11", 15-1/2", or 21"  Max. Slide Travel
23", 28", or 33"  Overall Length of Base

Undercutter Description Spindle Size Working Clearance Catalog Number
Lathe-Type Undercutter complete with Both Spindles, for attaching directly to lathe; (A)=115 V., (B)=230 V.; 60 Hz. 3/16" 10-1/2" LTHU101(A) or (B)
5/16" 8-1/2"
Lathe-Type Undercutter complete with Both Extended Spindles, for attaching directly to lathe; (A)=115 V., (B)=230 V.; 60 Hz. 3/16" 17-3/4" LTHU105(A) or (B)
5/16" 15-3/4"
Slide Carriage Description Slide Carriage
Stroke Length
Catalog Number
Slide Carriage, 11" Max. Slide Travel 11" 23" LTHU110
Slide Carriage, 15-1/2" Max. Slide Travel 15-1/2" 28" LTHU110L15
Slide Carriage, 21" Max. Slide Travel 21" 33" LTHU110L21
Model 101 Net Weight 28 lbs., Shipping Weight 36 lbs.; Model 105 Net Weight 30 lbs., Shipping Weight 39 lbs.; Model 110 Net Weight 27 lbs., Shipping Weight 28 lbs.; Model 110L15 Net Weight 32 lbs., Shipping Weight 33 lbs.; Model 110L21 Net Weight 37 lbs., Shipping Weight 39 lbs.;
Saws &
V- Cutters
High-Speed Steel Tungsten-Carbide
O.D I.D. Type Part No. Catalog
Part No. Catalog
1/2" 3/16' Saw 16-HS HSMS16 16-TC TUNS16
1/2" 3/16" V-Cutter 17-VHS HSMSV17 17-VTC TUNSV17
7/8" 5/16" Saw 75-HS HSMS75 75-TC TUNS75
7/8" 5/16" V-Cutter 75-VHS HSMSV75 75-VTC TUNSV75
For Further Specifications see H.S.S. Mica Saws
Pulley Mounting for: Motor Pulley Spindle Pulley Spindle RPM
H.S.S. Saws 1-3/4" Diam. 2-1/2" Diam. 2,400
Tungsten Carbide Saws 2-1/2" Diam. 1-3/4" Diam. 4,900

Saw Spindle Lengths:
3/16" arbor ×
10-1/2" or 17-3/4" clearance

 5/16" arbor ×
 8-1/2" or 15-3/4" clearance

Vertical adjustment on support post

     The Lathe-Type Undercutter can be quickly attached in place of the tool post on any lathe.  It can be mounted directly on the cross slide, or on the slide carriage which is then mounted on the cross slide.
     The slide Carriage is easily operated and is much faster than using lathe carriage.  Travel is 11" on the Model 110, 15-1/2" on the Model 110L15 and 21" on the Model 110L21, with adjustable stops at both ends.  A skewed bar adjustment is provided at the right end.
     Both Horizontal and vertical commutators can be under cut.  As undercutting is done from the side of commutator the saw or V-cutter is set level with the Lathe centers.
     Undercutter is powered by a 1/3 h.p. motor and uses High Speed Steel or Tungsten-Carbide Saws  or V-Cutters.
     A spring between hardened washers under the pulley allows the spindle to move ("float") up or down and follow and existing slot that is being re-cut.  If a fixed spindle is desired, the spring can be removed and the pulley  turned over.


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