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Martindale Jiff-V Undercutter

Jiff-V Files cut a V-Slot.  Jiff-U Saws cut a U-slot
and are available in the seven thicknesses mentioned at right.

     While the commutator Slotting Files shown under Electrician's Hand Tools / Files, Slotting have proved handy for undercutting where there is not enough work to justify the purchase of a motor-driven undercutter, the motor driven Jiff-V Undercutter cuts a similar V slot in a jiff and eliminates much of the tedious work.  The reciprocating action of this tool files a slot in much less time then it would take to do by hand and because the tool is held with two hands there is more control of the cutting action.
     Also available for this undercutter are Jiff-U saws, which operate the same as the file except they make a U-shaped cut and are available in the following 7 thicknesses: .015", .020", .026", .030", .035", .040", .043".
     It is easy to guide the Jiff-V; it does rapid work and cuts clear up to the riser.  It can be used on commutators of any size without removing the brush arms.
     The Jiff-V Undercutter has proven to especially adaptable to undercutting motors which must be kept running most of the time, such as is frequently the case with elevator motors.
     The current design of the Jiff-U saws allows then to be 'chucked-up' in the end of the reciprocating shaft rather than in the file file holder.  The file holder, though not supplied with an undercutter, is available as an option to allow this tool to use either style of cutter.

  Catalog Number
Jiff-V Undercutter, less file holder,
115 v., 60 Hz.
File Holder (required for use of files) JFVUD710
Jiff-V File JIFI
Jiff-U Saw (specify thickness from below) JISW

     Jiff-U Saw                                 Jiff-V File

 Saw Thicknesses:
 .015", .020", .026", .030", .035", .040",
and .043".
Net Weight 8 lbs.
Shipping Weight 11 lbs.

File Holder Order if using Jiff-V Files

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