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Imperial Undercutter
The Imperial Undercutter is an efficient machine where a good, sturdy undercutter is desired for portable and shop use.  Its cast-bronze head is heavy enough to keep the saw from "bouncing".  Available in electric or air-powered models.

→Undercuts small, medium, or large commutators.
→Uses either "V" Cutters for "V" slots or Saws for "U" slots
→Undercuts rapidly and without vibration. Ball bearing spindle.
→Cuts full depth to within 7/16"of a riser.
→Has either flexible shaft or air motor drive.
→Simple easy adjustments.  Slot guide and depth gauge adjusted by sensitive screws, then locked in position
→Direct drive: Flexible Shaft Model = 2850/3450 r.p.m. Air Motor Model = 2000 r.p.m.


     The Air Motor Model is powerful, compact, and lightweight It is operated with one hand on the left handle and the other hand around the air motor on the air control valve.  This air model operates on 90 to 120 lbs. air pressure and develops .6 h.p. at 90 lbs.  The saw spindle  speed ( full load ) is 2,00 r.p.m.
     A ten-foot air hose complete with end connections, including a quick-connector at the motor end, is available at extra cost.

Also available and highly recommended is the Automatic Air Filter-Lubricator listed in the catalog items below.  It keeps the air motor adequately lubricated at all times.

     The Flexible Shaft Model is powered by a 1/3 h.p., 2,850/3,450 r.p.m. motor and a 3/8" diam. 5 ft. long flexible shaft (No. 16), as pictures above.  It can also be furnished with a ball-bearing swivel connection for attaching to any motor with 1/2", 5/8". 10mm. or 14mm.  armature shaft.
     We recommend, however, that it be purchased complete with motor.  The motor is mounted on a special base which enables it to be suspended to permit the shaft to take its natural curve.  This also takes some weight off the operator's hands.


Catalog Number

Imperial Undercutter with Air Motor


Automatic Air Filter/Lubricator


Air Hose, 10 ft. long complete with quick connector


No.1 Steel Carrying Case


Net Wt. 4 lbs., Shipping Wt. 6 lbs.


Imperial Undercutter with motor, as pictured above;

Catalog Number

115 V., 50/60 Hz.


230 V., 50/60 Hz.


Imperial Undercutter with flexible shaft and Ball      Bearing Swivel Connection for use with your motor;

Catalog Number

with 1/2" motor connection


with 5/8" motor connection


with 10mm. motor connection


with 14mm. motor connection


No. 16 Core                         
(Replacement for flexible shaft)


No. 16 Sheath (Replacement for flexible shaft)


No. 2 Steel Carrying Case; for electric Imperial


Net Wt. with motor, 27 lbs.; without motor, 7 lbs.

High Speed Steel Saws and V-Cutters
(See Metal-Working & Mica Saws / Mica Undercutting Saws & V-Cutters, For Saw and Cutter Specifications)

For Small and Medium Commutators

Catalog Number
No. 3-HS-Saws 7/8" 9/32" HSMS3
No. 3-VHS Cutters 7/8" 9/32" HSMSV3
For Large Commutators      
No. 4-HS Saws 1" 9/32" HSMS4
No. 4-VHS Cutters 1" 9/32" HSMSV4

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