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Heavy-Duty Bench-Type Undercutter Model H-9
→ Spindle speed easily changed for High Speed Steel or Carbide Saws.
→ Cutting Head Carriage travels freely on ball-bearings on hardened steel rods;
      entire Carriage tips to the side to facilitate lowering armatures onto the V-Supports.
→ Adjustment provided for aligning to skewed commutator bars.
→ Rear Armature Support adjusted horizontally by a lead screw.
→ Two spindles available (with 3/16" arbor for 1/2" diameter saws, or
      with 5/16" arbor for saws 7/8" diameter or larger).
      Machine comes equipped with one spindle; other at extra cost.
→ "Stops" limit saw travel.
Saw lifts out of slot on return stroke
→ Fine screw adjustment for depth of cut.

Additional Bracing - Improved bench will handle up to 450 lb. armatures, with bench lag bolted to shop floor.
Model H-9 Undercutter, with extra pully, belt, & bench & light Catalog Number
115 V., 50/60 Hz. with 3/16" spindle H-9UA3
115 v., 50/60 Hz. with 5/16" spindle H-9UA5
230 V., 50/60 Hz. with 3/16" spindle H-9UB3
230 V., 50/60 Hz. with 5/16" spindle H-9UB5
Extra 3/16" Spindle Assembly H-9U42316
Extra 5/16" Spindle Assembly H-9U42516
Dust Collector, 2 hoods,
115 V., 1 Ph., 60 Hz.
Dust Collector, 2 hoods,
220 V., 3 Ph., 50 Hz.

Net Weight 270 lbs.,
Shipping Weight 420 lbs.

• Maximum between centers: 32", V-supports 35".

• Takes armatures 12" diam. on centers or 17" on V-supports.

• Handles commutators up to same diam. as armatures.

• Dimensions with bench:
4' L., 2' W., 5' H

• V-supports vertically adjustable.

• Motor: 1/2 h.p., 3450 r.p.m.

Model H-9 uses either High-Speed Steel or Carbide Saws and V-Cutters.

This undercutter handles armatures from the small sizes up to 17" diameter.  This includes a range of sizes too large for Model HV-3 and not large enough to necessitate an undercutter as large as the HA-2.

Saws and V-Cutters
High-Speed Steel O.D. I.D. Catalog Number
16-HS Saws 1/2" 3/16" HSMS16
17-VHS Cutters 1/2" 3/16" HSMSV17
75-HS Saws 7/8" 5/16" HSMS75
75-VHS Cutters 7/8" 5/16" HSMSV75
85-HS Saws 1" 5/16" HSMS85
85-VHS Cutters 1" 5/16" HSMSV85
Tungsten-Carbide O.D. I.D. Catalog Number
16-TC Saws 1/2" 3/16" TUNS16
17-VTC Cutters 1/2" 3/16" TUNSV17
75-TC Saws 7/8" 5/16" TUNS75
75-VTC-Cutters 7/8" 5/16" TUNSV75
85-TC Saws 1" 5/16" TUNS85
85-VTC Cutters 1" 5/16" TUNSV85
For further specifications see H.S.S. or
Tungsten-Carbide Saws.

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