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Martindale Industrial Undercutter Model HA-2
Has "Power" Down-Feed and Improved Power
     Traverse Controls. Makes Undercutting Faster
     and Easier Than Ever!
Uses Tungsten-Carbide or High-Speed Steel
Heavy, Rigid Construction for Industrial Use.


Handles Armatures:
• Up to 44" diameter (this will depend upon relative diameters of armature and commutators.  Send us your Requirement)
• From 150 to 10,000 lbs.
Handles Commutators:
• 10" to 44" diameter.
• Up to 21" length.
Base Length:
• Up to 58" between roller supports. Additional length available at slightly higher cost.
• 3/4" h.p.; 3450 r.p.m.
• Extra pulley and belt are supplied to give spindle speeds of 3450 r.p.m. for High-Speed Steel Saws or V-Cutters, or 6900 r.p.m. for Tungsten-Carbide Saws or V-Cutters
Air Supply:
• About 90 lbs.
Saws and V-Cutters:
1/2". 7/8", or 1" O.D. Saws or V-Cutters (See table below)


 → Power Traverse - With Improved Electric Motor
                                        Variable Speed-Drive Control

An improved traverse system powered by an electric motor driven ball screw-drive, actuated by a foot pedal connected to a variable speed drive control. This system provides enhanced smooth vibration free undercutting with minimal maintenance requirements.
Power Down Feed - Hand-Valve Actuated
Holds the saw in the slot while cutting, lifts it from the slot while returning and indexing.
Magnifier Lamp -
Illuminates and magnifies work area for accurate and easy saw alignment.
Simple Indexing -
A hand wheel, connected by a flexible shaft t 100 to 1 speed reducer with a flat belt around the armature, combine to give quick positive indexing with no override or inertia problems.  Belt segments of various lengths are furnished to fit any armature.  Belt drive may be positioned anywhere along base.
Depth of Cut -
Fine adjustment is made with hand wheel on top of carriage.  Rack and gear on frame are four major adjustments.
Supports -
Armatures shafts rest and rotate on 4 large phenolic rollers; assures no marking of shafts.
Adjustable Rear Support -
Vertically (on thrust bearing) for unequal shaft-size or tapered commutators.  Sideways from front of machine - for skewed bars.  Length rear support slides and locks into place to accommodate various armature lengths.
Carriage -
Slides on "Oilite" bushings over hardened steel rods.  Adjustable stops at each end of stroke.
Saw Spindle -
1-1/2 hardened over-arm supports outer end of spindle.  Two spindles available; one for 1/2" diameter saws (3/16" arbor hole) and the other for 7/8" and 1" diameter saws (5/16" arbor hole).  Specify which one desired when ordering.  An optional 2-position saw spindle block is available (at extra cost) which allows cutting up to close to the riser in one position, and up close to a shoulder at the front of the commutator when in the other position.

Dust Collector removes mica dust quickly; comes with two hoods for use in a wide variety of dusty jobs.  Has paddle-wheel type fan driven by 1/3 h.p., 3450 r.p.m. motor.  Plugs into outlet box on undercutter.  The Dust Collector is self-contained and easily portable to other locations where dust collection is desirable.

Model HA-2 Undercutter complete: Catalog Number
115v., 50/60 Hz., with 3/16" spindle HA2UA3
115 V., 50/60 Hz., with 5/16" spindle HA2UA5
230 V., 50/60 Hz., with 3/16" spindle HA2UB3
230 V., 50/60 Hz., with 5/16" spindle HA2UB5
Extra 3/16" Saw Spindle Assembly HA2U43316
Extra 5/16" Saw Spindle Assembly HA2U43516
Net Weight 750 lbs., Shipping Weight 1,020 lbs
Dust Collector, 2 hoods,
115 V., 1 Ph., 60 Hz.
Dust Collector, 2 hoods,
220 V., 3 Ph., 50 Hz.
Net Weight 58 lbs., Shipping Weight 65 lbs.
Saws and V-Cutters
High-Speed Steel O.D. I.D. Catalog Number
16-HS Saws 1/2" 3/16" HSMS16
17-VHS Cutters 1/2" 3/16" HSMSV17
75-HS Saws 7/8" 5/16" HSMS75
75-VHS Cutters 7/8" 5/16" HSMSV75
85-HS Saws 1" 5/16" HSMS85
85-VHS Cutters 1" 5/16" HSMSV85
Tungsten-Carbide O.D. I.D. Catalog Number
16-TC Saws 1/2" 3/16" TUNS16
17-VTC Cutters 1/2" 3/16" TUNSV17
75-TC Saws 7/8" 5/16" TUNS75
75-VTC Cutters 7/8" 5/16" TUNSV75
85-TC Saws 1" 5/16" TUNS85
85-VTC Cutters 1" 5/16" TUNSV85
For further specifications see H.S.S. or
Tungsten-Carbide Saws

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