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Martindale Production Air Grinder

     Model M-12 air grinder is designed for hard usage such as encountered in foundries, etc.  It will stand up to steady production work with rotary burs and with mounted grinding wheels or points up to 1-1/2" diameter.  Turns 22,000 r.p.m., 1/2 h.p. at 90 PSI air pressure.  Uses approximately 18-22 CFM.
     This hand-held air grinder has a built-in speed regulator, specially designed nose piece for firm easy grip, 1/4" female N.P.T.F. air inlet, 1/4" collet, and the necessary wrenches as standard equipment.
     Air exhaust is at the front of the grinder around the spindle where it effectively blows grinding dusts away from the work and operator.

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT:  1/8" reducer can be substituted for 1/4" collet at no extra charge.


Catalog Number   

Model M-12 Air Grinder, complete with 1/4" collet and wrenches AGRD1814
1/8" Reducer (Optional Equipment) AGRDC18
Automatic Air Filter-Lubricator
(See Description Below)

No. 38-A Carbide Rotary Bur Kit

     The No.38-A Kit includes a high speed precision manufactured air grinder with 1/4"collet.  This air grinder is similar to the one above except it's operating speed is 22,000 r.p.m. to accommodate the 5 solid carbide 1/4" diameter rotary burs included with the kit.
     Burs included are RB4, RC4, RD4, RH4, and RJ4; all are 1/4" diameter cutting surface and shank, of five different shapes.  All are "double-cut" making then suitable for use on either extremely hard or relatively soft materials.  Burs can be re-ordered by number and are listed under Carbide Rotary Burs.
     The high quality air grinder is a compact 5-3/4" long; lightweight 1lb., 6oz.; and high speed 22,000 r.p.m.  Recommended air pressure is 70-90 PSI, air inlet is 1/4" female N.P.T.F.

  Catalog Number
Carbide Rotary Bur Kit No. 38-A; Complete in storage box CABU38A
Automatic Air Filter-Lubricator
(See Description Below)
 Net Weight 2lbs. 6ozs., Shipping Weight 4lbs.

Automatic Air

     Highly recommended for use with any air powered tools.  This Fog Type Filter-Lubricator is designed to remove dirt, pipe scale, and most liquid aerosols which cause wear and premature failure.  It also will deliver the right amount of lubrication to extend the service life of your air tools.
     Consists of 2 die cast bowls with transparent nylon sight gages, a 40 micron filter element, and a connecting nipple.

  Catalog Number
Automatic Air Filter-Lubricator FILL01
Air Hose, 10ft. long;
complete with quick connector

Model 10
22,000 r.p.m.
1/10 h.p.
115 V. A.C.-D.C.

Martindale Hand Grinder
-Built by DUMORE-

     Model 10 is ideal for full-shift duty in the tool room or in production bench grinding, de-burring, etc.  It is forced-air cooled, and two precision bearings in steel seats assure positive rigidity.  Model 10 uses high-speed steel or carbide burs up to 3/8" diameter, or mounted wheels up to 1" diameter.  Has 1/4" collet and 1/8" reducing sleeve.

     Model 10 is U/L approved and sold with our guarantee of satisfaction.
Dimensions: 9-3/4" long by 2-3/4" diameter

  Catalog Number
Model 10 Grinder with 1/4" collet
and 1/8" reducing sleeve
Net Weight 3-1/2 lbs., Shipping Weight 5 lbs.
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