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High Speed Steel Rotary Finning Burs

(All with 1/4" Shank)
These slender tough
high-speed burs are excellent for cleaning stator and armature
slots of electric motors and generators.  They are also used in Aluminum Foundries to remove flashing and sand debris from narrow channels, deep and/or confined spots.

Part No.

Catalog No.
075 HSBM075
085L HSBM085L
100 HSBM100
120 HSBM120
182S HSBM182S
196-L HSBM196L
5899 HSBM5899
6346 HSBM6346
6400 HSBM6400
6499 HSBM6499
6501-L HSBM6501L


No. 6349 is available in three lengths, all with 1/4" diameter Î 2-1/2" long cutting surface.

  Catalog Number
Length Straight Cut Left-Hand Spiral
6" Overall HSBM634906S HSMB634906LHS
8" Overall HSBM634908S HSBM634908LHS
10" Overall HSBM634910S HSBM634910LHS
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