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Solid Carbide Rotary Burs

     Proven to be one of the handiest tools for getting at those hard-to-reach spots in armature and stator slots.  These special extra long and extremely hard tungsten carbide cutting tool cut right through and remove flash welds and other hard obstructions easily.  These tungsten carbide burs perform best at higher speeds in the 18,00 to 25,000 r.p.m. range, such as provided by the grinders shown under ( Rotary Burs / Grinders, Hand, Air / Electric).  The 4" or 6" Length × 1/4" diameter Solid Carbide Burs are generally recommended for slot cleaning.  Occasionally situations arise where a longer length bur or a slightly larger diameter are required.  In these situations we do offer carbide burs brazed onto longer steel shanks, as listed under (Rotary Burs / Carbide, Burs / Long Carbide Burs with Steel Shanks), with either 1/4" or 3/8" diameter heads.

Solid Carbide Burs ground from solid carbide rod.  Available with 1/4" diameter heads × 4" or 6" lengths, with 1/4" diameter shanks:

Part No.

Catalog Number

RB4-04 CABURB404
RB4-06 CABURB406
RC4-04 CABURC404
RC4-06 CABURC406
RD4-04 CABURD404
RD4-06 CABURD406
RH4-04 CABURH404
RH4-06 CABURH406
RJ4-04 CABURJ404
RJ4-06 CABURJ406
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