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52" Wedge and Insulation Shear
by Roper Whitney - Pexto

Wedge & Insulation Shears Martindale Wedge and Insulation  Shear will enable you to quickly and accurately cut insulation paper, fibre, new resin-impregnated laminates and other light materials equivalent to No. 16 gauge soft steel.  Cuts "Glastic"« up to 3/16" thick.

Quality High Speed Steel Blades have relief on both edges to eliminate blade friction and prevent sheet movement.

Shear is equipped with back gauge for up to 25" settings and front gauge for up to 30" settings.  As the Shear is lowered a hold-down attachment first makes contact with the material to prevent bucking or slipping.  The hold-down attachment also serves as a finger guard.  The operator's hands are free for handling the material, as the machine is operated by foot pedal.
Triple-action shearing.

Built to machine tool standards.

Model Cutting Length O.A. Width O.A. Height O.A.* Depth Shipping Weight Catalog Number
152 52" 60" 42" 76" 1000 lbs. SHRS152
*Includes front & rear gauges in position.
Replacement Blades Catalog Number
For Model 152 (2 required) SHRS350700193
F.O.B. - TN - 37110