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Martindale Electric Marker
This handy, low-cost industrial-quality marker quickly and easily engraves metal, glass, stone, ceramics, plastics, hard rubber, wood, etc.  Cuts right into the surface to leave a permanent mark which can't be wiped off and won't wear away in normal use.  Perfect for marking stock numbers, part numbers, sizes or names right on components, tools, and equipment.
Unique design reduces bouncing, puts power in the tip.  Powerful coil provides 7,2000 strokes-per-minute - won't stall under normal heavy operation.  Stroke is adjustable to vary depth of mark.  Equipped with a carbide tipped point for average marking.  Diamond points are available for engraving extra hard materials
(50 to 64 Rockwell, scale C).


  Catalog Number
Marker with carbide-tipped point, 115V., 60Hz. ELMK01A
Marker as above but with 3-wire cord and plug ELMK03A
Replacement point with carbide tip ELMKPC
Replacement point with diamond tip ELMKPD

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