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Martindale Electric Etchers
Three Versatile Etchers for Tool Room,
Machine Shop, or Production Line.

Martindale Electric Etchers write like a pencil on all articles made of iron and steel.  Letters or numbers are burned into the metal making a clear, legible, and permanent record.  Shapes can be more easily etched then stamped.
Electrical etching is quick and easy; merely plug the Etcher in, choose the "heat" best suited to the job, put the work on the ground plate, and begin to write.  For etching large parts that can't conveniently be placed on the ground plate, a ground clamp is furnished.  Depth of mark in the article being etched can be varied by the operator's speed of writing as well as by changing the amount of current drawn.
A Martindale Electric Etcher will quickly pay for itself.  Besides the time it will save, mistakes and thefts will often be avoided if tools, dies, etc., are marked.
In the Tool Room or Machine Shop - For marking tools, dies, jigs, gauges, etc., with such information as type, company name, department symbol, operation symbol, date of purchase, etc., etc.
In Production - For marking inspection data on parts or sub assemblies, for marking hardness data on tools, specifications on nameplates, etc., etc.
This popular low-priced Etcher, has been improved in several ways over pervious models.  It is suitable for all lighter etching applications on smooth iron or steel.
Three Heats: 1. 250 Watts;  2. 450 Watts; 3. 600 Watts.
Rotary Switch - 4 positions: Off , 1, 2, and 3.
Case includes storage space for accessories.
Accessories supplied are listed below.
For Catalog Numbers, etc. below.
No. 5-M Standard Etcher replaces the former 3-M and 4-M models and is constructed to meet all requirements specified in government Spec. MIL-E-3118, Type 2 Heavy-Duty.  With ten writing heats No. 5-M Standard Etcher is recommended for the widest variety of etching including heavy production work.
Ten Heats: 65, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 700, 900, 1100, and 1300 Watts.
Rotary Switch for quick and easy control of writing heats.
Case Includes storage space for accessories.
Accessories supplied are listed below.
For Catalog Numbers, etc., below.
Included With All Etchers:
With all three models of Martindale Etchers, (also see below) the following accessories are included:
1 - Writing lead assembly consisting of 5' heavily insulated wire, handle, brass electrode, and connector.
1 - Ground lead wire - 5' heavily insulated wire, with connectors.
1 - 6-1/2"
Î 4" steel writing plate with hold-down clip.
1 - Battery clip for use when marking large pieces.
2 - Writing points - 1 solid copper and 1 with tungsten tip.

Model C-M Heavy-Duty Etcher

Model C-M has found wide acceptance as a production line etching tool and also in tool rooms where heavy parts are marked.  Its wide range of heats makes it suitable for use on small parts or (on one of the two highest heats) for marking large pieces such as crowbars, shovels, castings, etc.
The case for Model C-M is similar to the No. 5-M Standard Etcher.  Pilot light and "On" and "Off" switch are included.
Six Heats: 180, 310, 425, 550, 800, 1375 Watts.
Heat taps are taken from the secondary winding - the full primary is always in the circuit.  This permits leaving the etcher connected to the line without danger of overheating when not in use, providing writing point and ground lead are not left in contact.
Case includes storage space for accessories.
See accessories included with Etchers, above.
  No. 5-M  Catalog Number Utility Etcher
Catalog Number
Model C-M
Etcher Complete, as specified (Including one Solid Copper Point and one Tungsten-Tipped Point), 115V., 60 Hz. ETCH5MA ETCHUTA ETCHCMA

230 V., 60 Hz.                    

Extra Writing Lead Assembly (5' heavily insulated wire, handpiece, and solid copper point only) ETCH10WLC ETCH10WLC ETCH10WLC
Extra Writing Lead Assembly (as above, but with Tungsten-tipped point only) ETCH10WLT ETCH10WLT ETCH10WLT
Extra Solid Copper Writing Point only ETCH10C ETCH10C ETCH10C
Extra Tungsten-Tipped Writing Point only ETCH10T ETCH10T ETCH10T
Extra Ground lead only with end connections (no ground plate) ETCH10GL ETCH10GL ETCH10GL
Extra Electrode (Point Holder) ETCH101 ETCH101 ETCH101
Shipping Weight 26 lbs. 15 lbs. 27 lbs.

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