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Model D-3 Demagnetizer
"Surface" Type

Above: Object to be demagnetized is drawn slowly across surface.

Dimensions: 11-1/2" x 5-3/4" x 3-5/8"

Three pole pieces: (1" apart)
Two outer ones: 3/4" x 2", Center one: 1-1/2" x 2"
Right: Model D-3 used in inverted position to demagnetize a surface plate.

Demagnetizers Keep Tools
-Free of Metal-Slivers and Chips-
-Saves Production Time-
-Reduces Cost of Tool Maintenance-

Demagnetizing Is Quick and Easy

To demagnetize a cutting tool (or a metal part that has acquired magnetism from a magnetic chuck) you merely draw it slowly back and forth across the pole of the Model D-3 and then slowly draw it away.  As the tool passes repeatedly through the magnetic field, its magnetism becomes progressively weaker.  After a few seconds it is entirely demagnetized and can be put back into efficient operation.

Demagnetizing Large Parts

in cases where it is not convenient to move the part.  Model D-3 can be held upside down by its handles and passed over the part until its entire surface has been exposed.  A foot switch leaves both hands free when the demagnetizer is in use and assures the current being turned off when not in use.
Model D-3 is powerful, it draws 12 amperes.

  Catalog Number
Model D-3 Demagnetizer, 115 V., 60 Hz. DEMGD3A
Net Weight 19 lbs., Shipping Weight 20 lbs.

Model P-2 Demagnetizer
"Pass-Through" Type

Model P-2 accomplishes the same results as Model D-3 (above) on any magnetized object that will go through the 5-3/4" inside diameter of the plastic-encapsulated coil.
In using Model P-2 both hands are left free to handle the work, as a foot switch is used for turning the power on and off.
While it is intended primarily for the use at the bench, this demagnetizer can also be used as a portable tool for some limited applications.
Model P-2 draws 5.5 amperes.  Magnetic field is approximately 280 gauss.
Catalog Number
Model P-2 Demagnetizer, 115 V., 60 Hz. DEMGP2A
Net Weight 14 lbs., Shipping Weight 16 lbs.
Dimensions: 9" x 9" x 3-3/4"
Coil I.D.: 5-3/4"
Foot-switch leaves both hands free.