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Model D Wedge Beveler accurately cuts and bevels wedges of any size and special shapes, quickly saving its cost by preventing delays.
For beveling, a fixture is provided that acts as both hold-down and guide.  It clamps the wedge (up to 10" long) tightly in position throughout its length.  The entire fixture then slides past the cutter.  A dust collector hood is provided.
Beveling Cutters are used singly or in pair.  Each cutter is ground to 30░, 45░, or 60░ to provide included angles of 60░, 90░, or 120░.
Model D Wedge Beveler

The cutters are carbide-tipped and will bevel any of the laminated plastics being used in wedges today, as well as wood and other mild wedge materials.  Adjustments are simple.  Any of the bevels shown at the right can be made with 90░ cutters.  Similar bevels can be made with the 60░ and 120░, as well as many variations when cutters of different angles are used together.
For Sawing Wood wedge material to width, a special 3" circular saw is used.  Thickness of cut is determined by vertical adjustment of the saw spindle.

Regular Symmetrical 45░

Unsymmetrical 45░

Irregular Edges

Single Bevel

  Catalog Number
Model D (complete with hold-down fixture; but without saw or cutters), 115 V., 60 Hz. WGBV53A
Model D (complete with hold-down fixture; but without saw or cutters), 230 V., 60 Hz. WGBV53B

Net Weight 156 lbs., Shipping Weight 210 lbs.

Cutters, Carbide-Tipped,
 per pair:
Catalog Number
60░ Included Angle WGBV538060
90░ Included Angle WGBV538090
120░ Included Angle WGBV538120
3" Circular Saw
(High-Speed Steel), each

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