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 Saw Arbors

     General purpose slitting/slotting saw arbors.  Hardened all over (58/60 Rc) for added toughness on cutter locating surfaces and shanks.  Shanks ground to within .001 T.I.R. of cutter location diameter.  Extra long, strong body with protective black oxide finish.  Super low profile on caps allows cutter to reach areas inaccessible with conventional arbors.  Stout plug: extra support, less vibration.  Weldon style shanks.

     Martindale now offers a Gold Series reach arbor. These arbors are heat treated and ground to .0004" T.I.R. concentricity and squareness. They are engineered for use with carbide cutters or where accuracy is a must. This VIBRA-CORE design, along with the deep low profile caps, gives extra support and less vibration.

General Purpose Series Saw Arbors (General Purpose Series) Gold Star
Precision Series
Saw Arbors (Gold Series)

General Purpose Series








Catalog Number

Catalog Number



0.080 1.000 1.700 0.500 ARBR0250 ARBR0250P
0.375 0.625 0.080 1.180 1.700 0.500 ARBR0375 ARBR0375P
0.500 0.750 0.950 1.370 1.700 0.500 ARBR0500 ARBR0500P
0.625 1.000 0.122 1.500 2.030 0.750 ARBR0625 ARBR0625P
1.000 1.500 0.160 1.750 2.030 0.750 ARBR1000 ARBR1000P

 Saw Arbors with ER16 Taper - Ti-Loc« Swiss Clamp System

  • Can be used in any machine that has ER collet live tooling.
  • ER 16 taper arbors serve as their collet, eliminating need for two piece arbor system.


Taper Integrated Tooling
for Advanced Productivity
  • One piece design adds rigidity of set-up and improves total indicated run-out (TIR).
  • Less expensive & more cost effective than comparable two piece arbor systems.
D1 D2 L1 L2 Taper Catalog Number
.125" 6.4mm 25mm 9mm ER16 ARBR318064250
.125" 6.4mm 32mm 9mm ER16 ARBR318064320
.187" 9.5mm 25mm 9mm ER16 ARBR476095250
.187" 9.5mm 32mm 9mm ER16 ARBR476095320
.250" 9.5mm 25mm 9mm ER16 ARBR635095250
.250" 9.5mm 32mm 9mm ER16 ARBR635095320
.312" 10mm 25mm 9mm ER16 ARBR794100250
.312" 10mm 32mm 9mm ER16 ARBR794100320

Recommended Maximum
Saw Thickness ~ .080"

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