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Martindale Automatic Wire Stripper
Makes Wire Stripping Fast and Easy
     Martindale Automatic Wire Strippers are always ready for use.  They require no "cocking" or setting.
     Their triple action of clamping the wire, cutting the insulation, and stripping it, is automatically timed and performed with one squeeze on the handles.  Length of strip is regulated by amount of wire extending beyond the blades.  Maximum strip is 7/8"; for longer, just repeat process.  Wire size is shown beneath each stripping hole.
     After the stripping action, a partial release of pressure on the handles opens jaws and wire is removed.  Full release of pressure returns the tool to the starting position, ready for next strip.
     Blades are interchangeable and replaceable. 


Catalog Number
Strippers Extra Blade Sets
No. 0-01 16-26 gauge, 6 stripping holes MAWS001 MAWS001B
No.02 10-22 gauge, 6 stripping holes MAWS02 MAWS02B
No.1-2 10 to 18 gauge, 4 stripping holes MAWS12 MAWS12B
No.3 8to 12 gauge, 3 stripping holes MAWS3 MAWS3B

Net Weight 13 oz., Shipping Weight 2 lbs.

Martindale Handy Wire Stripper

     This Stripper  is the answer to suggestions made by Electricians who use such a tool for long periods.  It is large enough to fit the hand and the rounded edges reduce fatigue and irritation.

     It is made of the best grade spring steel and the cutting edges are easily resharpened.

Rugged - Comfortable Fits the hand.
 5-1/2" Length Net Weight 4 oz.
Description Catalog Number
Handy Wire Stripper WRST72

Wire Skinner and Straightener

     The blades of the Wire Skinner and Straightener are easily removable for sharpening. Sets of new blades can be attached when the old ones are worn out.
Description Catalog Number
Wire Skinner and Straightener (Net weight 3 oz.) WSST01
Extra Blades (Set) (Net weight 1 oz.) WSST01B
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