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Insulation Trimmers
Bent-tip design shown above makes cutting smooth and easy.   #3
   Martindale Paper & Insulation Trimmers will cut Mylar, Nomex, and other paper insulation clean and parallel to the stator.
   Available in three lengths to suit various size stators. They are available individually or in a set of all three.
   These trimmers can be sent to Martindale for quality resharpening, saving you time and money.
Descriptions Catalog Number
Trimmers Set of (3), Insulation, Paper SLSCPIT0
Trimmer #1, Insulation, Paper, (11.5" O.A.L. x 3/8" W.) SLSCPIT1
Trimmer #2, Insulation, Paper, (11.5" O.A.L. x 1/2" W.) SLSCPIT2
Trimmer #3, Insulation, Paper, (20" O.A.L. x 1/2" W.) SLSCPIT3
Martindale can resharpen this tool for you.

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