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Coil Tamping Tools

Size: Catalog Number
3/16" × 7/8" CTTLD584
5/16" × 1-1/4" CTTLD585
3/8" × 2" CTTLD586
3/8" × 4" CTTLD587



Coil Tamping Pliers

No more struggling with stator or armature windings that cannot be tamped with conventional tamping tools.  Designed to tamp the windings in long bore or small bore stators where restricted space does not allow the use of conventional tamping tools.
A set consists of the pliers and 5 different jaws machined from steel bar stock.  The jaws are easily changed to fit your special needs and may be purchased as a set or individually.
  Catalog Number
Tamping Pliers and Jaws (Set of 5) ICTTPJ15
Tamping Pliers only ICTTP
Jaws (Set of 5) 5/32" to 3/8" ICTTPJ
#1 Jaws 5/32" width ICTTPJ01
#2 Jaws 3/16" width ICTTPJ02
#3 Jaws 1/4" width ICTTPJ03
#4 Jaws 5/16" width ICTTPJ04
#5 Jaws 3/8" width ICTTPJ05
Handle-Type Coil Tampers
These Coil Tampers have the same tamping faces as the Coil Tamping Tools above but are mounted on 12" handles.  The coils can be either pried or hammered into place.  They are particularly advantageous on small stators.
The end of the handle is formed into a spoon shape for pressing the ends of the coils into place.
  Catalog Number
No. 1 Handle-Type Coil Tamper, 3/16" × 7/8" face CTTL664
No. 2 Handle-Type Coil Tamper, 5/16" × 1-1/4" face CTTL665
No. 3 Handle-Type Coil Tamper, 3/8" × 2" face CTTL666

Armature Wedge Remover

  Catalog Number
Armature Wedge Remover WGRM71
Net Weight 11 oz.

Internal Coil Tampers

Bent Handle Type - Similar straight handle type available for assembled coils.
When using these internal Coil Tampers the operator does not put his hand inside the stator, as the Tamper uses the leverage principle and does away with most of the hammering.  They are about 9" long and made of tough, hardened, high-grade steel.
  Catalog Number
Internal Coil Tamper, Bent Handle CTTLB
Internal Coil Tamper, Straight Handle CTTLS
Net Weight 8 oz.

Wedge Drivers
Two Models: Standard & Heavy-Duty

A Heavy-Duty Wedge Driver is available in addition to the Standard model.
The large steel head of the Heavy-Duty tool Allows it to be used as a slide hammer, or to drive it with the palm of the hand.
Outer shells of both are made of brass to avoid rust; driving pins are made of steel.
Price schedule below shows sizes available.
Standard Model
Size: Catalog Number Size: Catalog Number
1/32" × 3/8" WGDR70S22 1/8" × 5/8" WGDR70S27
1/16" × 3/8" WGDR70S23 1/8" × 7/8" WGDR70S28
1/16" × 5/8" WGDR70S24 3/16" × 3/8" WGDR70S30
3/32" × 5/8" WGDR70S25 3/16" × 5/8" WGDR70S29
Heavy-Duty Model
Size: Catalog Number Size: Catalog Number
1/32" × 3/8" WGDR70H22 1/8" × 1/2" WGDR70H26
1/16" × 3/8" WGDR70H23 1/8" × 5/8" WGDR70H27
1/16" × 5/8" WGDR70H24 1/8" × 7/8" WGDR70H28
3/32" × 5/8" WGDR70H25 3/16" × 5/8" WGDR70H29