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Surface Temperature Tester
Calibrated Fahrenheit

Accuracy is ±
2 % of full scale

Built-in magnets hold tester to non-horizontal ferrous surfaces.

Surface Temperature Tester Model 312F Model 312F is built for rough industrial use without any lessening of accuracy.  The bimetallic sensor is a specialty processed alloy that is conditioned and tested for permanent calibration and maximum stability.
   Recommended primarily for temperature measurement of electric motors and generators, bearings, etc., this tester can be used for checking any other surface within the range of 0° F to 250°.  Calibration is for use in an ambient temperature of about 70° F.  Higher or lower surrounding air temperatures will result in slightly higher or lower readings.  Three minutes should be allowed for the instrument to reach full stability when taking a reading.
   The more nearly flat the surface being measured, the better contact will be made by the sensor.  The magnets provide convenient temporary or permanent mounting to any ferrous surface, but the instruments are equally effective on non-ferrous horizontal surfaces.  Dimensions: 2" diam. × 1/2" thick.
  Catalog Number
Model 312F (Fahrenheit) TEMP312F
Net Weight 2 ozs., Shipping Weight 6 ozs.

High Temperature InfraRed Thermometer
Non-contact measurements
With Laser Pointer & 2000 Count Backlit LCD Display

High Temperature InfraRed Thermometer Model 42540
  Catalog Number
InfraRed Thermometer with 9V Battery TEMP42540
Net Weight 10.2 ozs. (290g),
Shipping Weight 3 lbs. (1,361g)
Temperature:      -58° to 1400°F or -50° to 760°C
Accuracy:            +2%+2° < 932° F (500°C)
                             +2.5%+5° > 932° F (500°C)
Field of View:     12:1 Distance to Target Ratio
                             A 1" Square Target Area can be
                                accurately read from a distance
                                of 12 feet
Dimensions:       3.9" × 2.2" × 9" (100 x 56 x230mm)
→ Automatic Data Hold
→ Auto Power Off

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