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Martindale Hand Tachometers

Digital Photo / Contact Tachometer

  Photo Mode Contact Mode
Range (RPM) 5.0 to 99,999 .5 to 19,999
Accuracy .05% rdg + 1 digit  
Sampling Time 1 Sec > 60 rpm 1 Sec > 6 rpm
Surface Speed   0.2 to 6,560 ft/min
0.05 to 1,999.9 m/min.
Resolution .1 rpm (<1,000 rpm)
1 rpm (>1,000 rpm)
Power 4 AA batteries  

Digital Photo / Contact Tachometer Model 461895

The Model 461895 can be used two different ways, either as a direct contact style tach or a non-contact photo tach, depending on the type of work being preformed or the preference of the operator.
The 5 digit LCD display gives exact RPM readings and eliminates the need to use a multiplying factor or calculate readings while watching an indicator needle fluctuate.
The Memory Recall feature allows recall of the last value recorded from the memory storage.
Accessories include two rubber tips, one surface speed test wheel, and two ft. of reflecting tape.  Uses 4 × 1.5 V. AA batteries.
  Catalog Number
Model 461895 Tachometer with accessories and case TACH461895
Net Weight with accessories & case 1 lb. 10 ozs.,
Shipping Weight 3 lbs.

Dual Function Digital Tachometer

The Model 1726 Hand-Held Digital Tachometer is a dual function instrument providing contact and non-contact measurement of rotational and linear motions.  With an accuracy of .025% of indicated reading 1 LSD, this unit is ideal for use in production, engineering, inspection, and maintenance.
This unit offers sixteen different functions of measurement from 6 - 99,999 RPM to .033 - 53 F/S, plus14 more ranges.
Dual Function Digital Tachometer Model 1726
                                      • Contact or Non-Contact Measurement
                                      • 8 Character Display
                                      • 16 Units of Measure
                                      • Unit of Measure Always Displayed
                                      • Power Source 9V Battery
                                      • Memory
                                      • 3 Accessory Tips Included
                                      • Case Included
  Catalog Number
Model 1726 Tachometer with accessories and case TACH1726
Net Weight with accessories & case 1 lb. 10ozs., Shipping Weight 3 lbs.
Digital Stroboscope / Tachometer
Freeze motion and measure
speed without contact

Checks and analyzes motion and speed by simply aiming and synchronizing its flash rate (fpm) with a rotating object.  Read RPMS on 4 digit LCD display.  Duty cycles from 5 to 30 minutes.  High accuracy over a wide, dynamic range via exclusive microcomputer LSI circuit and crystal control time-base.
Ideal for measuring the speed of moving gears, fans, pumps, motors and other equipment used in general maintenance, production, quality control or laboratories.
complete with 6 ft. power cord, handle and can be tripod mounted.

Digital Stroboscope Tachometer Model 461830 & 461831

Flash/Speed Rate:    100 to 10,000
Accuracy:                    ± (0.05% rdg + 1d)
Dimensions:               8.3" × 4.8" × 4.8"

  Catalog Number
Digital Strobo Tach, 115 V. AC, 60 Hz. TACH461830
Digital Strobo Tach, 220 V. AC, 50 Hz. TACH461831
Net Weight  2.2 lbs.,
Shipping Weight 4 lbs.
Spare Xenon Lamp (est. life 300 hrs.) TACH461834
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