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Motor Rotation & 3-Phase Tester

Motor Rotation tester for measuring the rotation direction of motor shafts.  Ensures motor is not damaged from incorrect wiring.
Testing phase orientation of three phase power sources ranging from 100 to 600 VAC.
Frequency Range over 50 to 70 Hz.
Five LED's indicate phase orientation (Clockwise or counter-clockwise); and whether each of three phases is live.
Complete with three large alligator clips.

Dimensions: 6" × 3-1/3" × 1-1/2

Motor Rotation & 3-Phase Tester Model 480403

Catalog Number          

Motor rotation& 3-Phase Tester    PHS1480403
Net Weight 14 ozs., Shipping Weight 2 lbs.
Vinyl Pouch Carrying case    PHS1409996

Phase and Motor Rotation Test Set
(Biddle Instruments)

This Test Set provides a positive way to identify the leads of a disconnected polyphase motor, and also identify true phase sequence of energized 60 cycle a.c. power lines up to 600 Volts.  Both are necessary to insure that a motor will rotate in a prescribed direction when energized.
The Test Set permits the electrician to permanently connect and tape the terminals of the motor being installed, without having to first energize the motor by a temporary hook-up to determine motor rotation.  These temporary connections are time consuming and costly, and can be quite hazardous.
 Two other important uses for the Test Set: it can determine the polarity of power and instrument transformers, and it can be used as a continuity tester in checking electrical circuits.

High Impact Plastic Case has deep removable lid (not shown) to store leads and instruction manual.

50/60 Hz. up to 600 Volts

Also uses "D" Cell

Dimensions, with case:
8" × 7-1/2" × 7-1/2"

Phase and Motor Rotation Test Set

Catalog Number

Phase and Motor Rotation Test Set PHSI56
Net Weight 3-1/2 lbs., Shipping Weight 6 lbs.
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