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Brush Tension Scale Model IN15EL

Brush Tension Scale

Compact size for fast, easy readings.

Efficient, durable and small enough to fit in your hand, this electronic Digital Brush Tension Scale is the convenient way to measure brush holder spring force.  Simply attach the interchangeable strap or hook to the spring assembly and pull the scale taut by the comfort-grip handle.  The measured force is clearly displayed in easy-to-read, 1/2" LCD numerals.

Precise Spring Force Measurements

The battery-operated Digital Brush Tension Scale accurately reads force measurements of both spiral torsion springs and constant force springs up to 15 lbs. (+ or - 2 oz.).  Convenient automatic zeroing ensures measurement of only the spring force.

Spring Pressure Formula

Spring Pressure (P.S.I.) =                Measured Force (lbs.)                  
                                         Brush Thickness (in.) X Brush Width (in.)
(For recommended spring pressures, contact your motor manufacturer.)

  Catalog Number
Model IN15EL Brush Tension Scale, 15 lbs. capacity
Net Weight 9 Ozs., Shipping Weight 2 Lbs.
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