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Model MAS Bar to Bar Tester

Main Frame:
     120 V or 220 V
     Size: 10-1/2 x 7-1/2 x 15"
     Weight: 26 lbs. net
Armature Head:
     Power supplied by Main Frame
     Test Frequency: 100hz 5khz
     Max. Current Output: 2.5 amps true rms
     Readout: 30 segment solid state bar graph
Field Coil & Neutral Plane Test Head:
     Power supplied by Main Frame
     Output: unipolar pulse
     Output Current: 40amps (short circuit)
     Pulse Width: 6ms and .5sec
     Repetition Rate: 10hz and 1.5hz switch
     Readout: 30 segment bar graph
  Catalog Number
Model 101 Bar to Bar Tester, 115 V. INSTMAS
Model 101 Bar to Bar Tester, 230 V. INSTMASB
Net Weight 28 lbs., Shipping Weight 33 lbs.
     The Model MAS Mainframe is a self contained unit that forms the basic component of the motor Analysis System. The Mainframe contains the necessary power supplies, amplifiers and logic necessary to drive the various heads and probes allowing numerous tests on a wide range of rotating equipment. Auxiliary heads may be added at any time and require no modification or alteration to the Mainframe. The Mainframe comes complete with a 7 foot cable that interfaces with the heads.
The Armature Head performs a four point AC variable frequency test on DC armatures. The Armature Head in conjunction with the Mainframe automatically selects one of four thousand different frequencies and power levels to match the armature being tested. The automatic feature makes this head fast to set up and easy to use. This permits accurate and repeatable analysis of most common armature problems such as shorts, opens, crossed connections, partial opens or shorts and misconnects. Armatures with equalizers and uneven turns are also easily tested. These features make this Bar to Bar Tester affordable and practical.

     The Field Coil & Neutral Plane Test Head allows testing of series fields, interpoles and shunt fields when used with the flux probe it is possible to test most coils in the machine without breaking the individual coil connections or isolating the coils the coils from one another. The test quickly identifies coil polarity. The probe measures the impulse magnetic field flux generated by each coil allowing a relative comparison between coils. Shorted turns are indicated as a reduction in flux generated by a coil. This head allows easy and precise setting of neutral plane.

     Since this head supplies all impulse power to the fields being tested, there is no need to connect the motor to a test panel or any other power source.

This head comes with the Flux Probe and all necessary cables.
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