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Model 101 Bar to Bar Tester
State Of The Art - Easy To Use - Eliminates Guesswork

→ One meter / One Setting indicates circuit OK, shorted, open, or reversed
→ Eliminates guesswork - zeros right in on problem circuit
→ Never again strip a good armature only to find equalizers caused a short to be indicated
→ Sensitive enough to identify by unsatisfactory circuits that other testers cannot find
→ Pays for itself by eliminating unnecessary repairs or expensive second teardowns
→ A quality buy, this highly scientific and advanced test equipment will maintain or increase in value
Model 101 Bar to Bar Tester

Operates on 2 "D" cells

  Catalog Number
Model 101 Bar to Bar Tester INST101
Net Weight 2 lbs., Shipping Weight 3 lbs.
This meter will check any armature that has enough resistance to move the meter needle into the green or "OK" section of the meter face during the initial "zeroing-in". On a large armature which has very little resistance, the meter needle will show less deflection but enough to establish a starting point.
"Dead shorts" are detected by reading on that portion of the meter and even partial shorts can be detected by a deflection from the "zeroing in" point that the test was started from.
The color coded meter face also has indications for open and reversed coils.
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