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AC - High Voltage Insulation Testers

AC - High Voltage Insulation Testers

High voltage insulation testers indicate breakdowns, grounds, and shorts.  Use them to apply a high-voltage test at various steps in the manufacture or repair of electrical products.  This permits early detection of insulation weakness or failure that might otherwise show up only in the actual use.
These testers are built with a breakdown light which also serves as an "on" light.  This indicating light dims or goes out completely to indicate a problem.
In addition, 4 models have a built-in safety switch that immediately stops current flow in the event of a breakdown.  Along with the visual indication of a problem these units also have a buzzer which signals a problem.  These units will shut down in the event of a breakdown and will not start up again until the start/reset button is reset.
All units are supplied with self retracting probed test leads.  The probes are spring loaded and housed within the insulated fibre handles.  The fibre slide buttons are pressed to expose the test probes.  This safety feature minimizes the chance of accidental contact with the probes.

Six Test Voltages :
500, 1080, 1250, 1750, 2000 and 2500V

Net Weight 18 lbs.,
Shipping weight 20 lbs.


Model 115 V. 230 V. Output Meter Automatic Shutdown Catalog Number
2109     INST2109A
2110       INST2110A
2119   INST2119A
2120     INST2120A
2129     INST2129B
2130       INST2130B
2139   INST2139B
2140     INST2140B
5000V DC Hipot


Input Voltage -      115/230V selectable

Output -                 Rating DC 0 - 5000V, 3 mA

Voltage Setting - 0V - 5kV, 10 volts/step

Ripple -                <5% at 5KVDC / 3 mA

Dwell Time -        0, 1 or 60

Setting -                "0" for continuous running

Ramp Timer -       0 and 0.2 - 999.9 seconds, 0.1
                               second / step 0 ramp setting =
                               0.1 seconds fixed ramp

Failure Settings - High Limit: 0.02 - 3.00 mA / Step
                               Accuracy: ± (2% of setting +

Voltmeter  -          Range DC 0.00 - 5.00KV 
 (4 digits)              Accuracy:  ± (2% of reading
                              + 10V)

Timer Display -    Range: 0.0 - 999.9 seconds

Ammeter-             Range: DC 0.00 - 5.00 KV
(4 digits)               Accuracy:
± (2% of reading +
                               0.02 mA)

Dimensions -        4-3/4" × 5-3/4" × 14-1/2"

Weight -                Net16 lbs., Gross: 18 lbs.

5000V DC Hipot
This Model meets the UL, CSA, VDE, IEC, and UL
     120K Ohm test requirement.  This unit feature
     audible and visual failure alarms, and shut off high
     voltage upon reject.
Operators can set output voltages and trip
     currents to desired levels in the absence of any
     high voltage, a key safety feature that
     conventional analog hipot testers lack.
Easy-to read digital display simplifies the task of
     setting test parameters and interpreting test
     results.  Meter memory allows operators to review
     the last test results.

Catalog Number

Model 2503, with Safety Probe with 6 ft. lead, Ground Return Clip with 6 ft. lead, and High Voltage Clip with 6 ft. lead