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Garnet Commutator Paper



Stocked In:     3 Grit                   
Non- Conductive                  7 Widths            
25 Yd. rolls        

Garnet Commutator Paper is non-conductive and is used for pre-shaping new copper and carbon brushes and for cleaning and burnishing commutator surfaces.
 To pre- shape brushes, commutator paper of sufficient width to contact all brushes is secured, abrasive side out, to full commutator circumference with masking tape.  With the new brushes in place, the commutator is rotated by hand until the brushes have taken on the radius of the commutator.  Eighty grit paper does the primary shaping and should be followed by 220 grit for a fine finish.
Surface burnishing of the commutator should be done with 150 grit followed by 220 grit paper.

  Catalog Number
Width Length 80 grit 150 grit 220grit
1" 25 yds. COMP01X080 COMP01X150 COMP01X220
2" 25 yds. COMP02X080 COMP02X150 COMP02X220
3" 25 yds. COMP03X080 COMP03X150 COMP03X220
4" 25 yds. COMP04X080 COMP04X150 COMP04X220
6" 25 yds. COMP06X080 COMP06X150 COMP06X220
8" 25 yds. COMP08X080 COMP08X150 COMP08X220
12" 25 yds. COMP12X080 COMP12X150 COMP12X220

Flap Wheels

Abrasive cloth segments are permanently bonded to the shank in a core of epoxy; no removable parts

Particularly effective in cleaning stator surfaces.  Also adaptable to smoothing, finishing and polishing of any metal form having convex or concave surfaces, cylinders, cavities, etc. where finish is important.
Grits are stocked 60,80, and 120 Finer and coarser grits are available.

Dia. Width Max.
Catalog Number
1-1/2" 1/2" 25,000 FLWH01▲
1-1/2" 1" 25,000 FLWH02▲
2" 1" 22,000 FLWH03▲
2-1/2" 1-1/2" 15,000 FLWH04▲
3" 1" 18,000 FLWH05▲
3" 2" 9,000 FLWH06▲

Plus Grit: 60, 80, or 120

Aluminum Oxide Resin Bond Cloth -1/4"Shanks

Sanding Drums

These drums have 1/4" diameter shanks except No. Sh-3b which is 3/8".  The core-expanding nut on the SH drum is on the shank side and there are no projections on the opposite end
No. SH-1B
Number Dia Width Max. R.P.M. Catalog Number
SH-1A 1" 1" 18,000 SDDR1A
SH-1B 1" 2" 8,000 SDDR1B
SH-2A 2" 1" 11,000 SDDR2A
SH-2B 2" 2" 6,000 SDDR2B
SH-3B 3" 3" 3,000 SDDR3B
(All have 1/4" shanks except sh-3b which is 3/8")
100 pcs. Per. Package - Handling Fee (Catalog Number SDBD07) is applied to orders for less than package quantity.
Sanding Bands
                                          Catalog Number
Dia. Width 24 Grit 36 Grit 60 Grit 80 Girt 120 Grit
1 1" SDBD11024 SDBD11036 SDBD11060 SDBD11080 SDBD11120
1" 2" SDBD12024 SDBD12036 SDBD12060 SDBD12080 SDBD12120
2" 1" SDBD21024 SDBD21036 SDBD21060 SDBD21080 SDBD21120
2" 2" SDBD22024 SDBD22036 SDBD22060 SDBD22080 SDBD22120
3" 3" SDBD33024 SDBD33036 SDBD33060 SDBD33080 SDBD33120

Flexible Files
Non - Conducting Water & Oil Proof Super Flexible

Martindale Flexible Files are made of aluminum oxide and plastic, blended to make an excellent abrasive in 5 different grits and in 4 sizes.
Their extreme flexibility allows a user  to reach otherwise inaccessible places and to use the abrasive on curves surfaces.  Non-conductivity makes them ideal for use on relays, contacts, starters, etc.
Many other uses can be found for these inexpensive files wherever fine finishing of metals is required.  They are impervious to oil and water; accumulations of grease or dirt can be washes from them with cleaning solvents or soap and water.

(Boxed and Priced / Doz.) Catalog Number
Dimensions 80 Grit
120 Grit
180 Grit
240 Grit
320 Grit
Width Length Thickness
1/2" 4-3/4" .080" FLXFA080 FLXFA120 FLXFA180
1/2" 4-3/4" .040" FLXFB080 FLXFB120 FLXFB180 FLXFB240 FLXFB320
7/8" 4-3/4" .080" FLXFC080 FLXFC120 FLXFC180
7/8" 4-3/4" .030" FLXFD080 FLXFD120 FLXFD180 FLXFD240 FLXFD320