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Diamond D Commutator Treating Kit

With this versatile Commutator Treating Kit you'll find it easy to keep small commutators operating at peak efficiency.
You'll never find a more versatile tool than this one ─ the shape can be quickly changed to fit any job. Simply dip the tool in hot water for one minute, then bend the handle to suit your particular application.

The holder and inserts are both non-conductive, so the tool is extremely safe to use. The exclusive hex nut and screw locking assembly permits replacement and locking inserts, eliminating the chance of the stone working its way loose.
Commutator Treating Kit
Our kit contains four grades of stones and grade FH Seaters. Inserts are color coded for easy identification. Handles and replacement inserts (1" x 3/4" x 5/16") are available separately.
Description Catalog Number

Complete Kit
1 - Holder
      2 - Coarse Stones (C)   (Color Coded Red)
      2 - Medium Stones (M)   (Color Coded Yellow)
      2 - Finish Stones (F)   (Color Coded Green)
      2 - Extra Finish Stones (EF)   (Color Coded Black)
      4 - FH Brush Seating Stones (FH)   (Color Coded White)



Holder with 2 Stones
* Please specify stone grades when ordering.


Replacement Inserts
Coarse Stone (C) (Package of 6)   (Color Coded Red)
      Medium Stone (M) (Package of 6)   (Color Coded Yellow)
      Finish Stone (F) (Package of 6)   (Color Coded Green)
      Extra Finish Stone (EF) (Package of 6)   (Color Coded Black)
      Brush Seating Stone (FH) (Package of 6)   (Color Coded (Color Coded White)


Holder Only

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